Monday, March 12, 2007

Pimp Wars Trailer

Occasionally I feel like my own grandmother, in that I will sometimes go to great lengths to embarrass myself.

This December, it will be ten years since we shot this masterpiece. My friend Casey managed to get a bunch of slacker high schoolers motivated enough to shoot an actual movie together. It was 1997, so the idea of a bunch of white people as pimps, thugs, and hoes struck us as hilarious. Why else would a fresh-faced young me deliver a line such as "WE KNOW YOU AIN'T A PIMP, MUTHAFUCKA! WHO AHHH YOU?!" with such a delightful blaccent?

Why, indeed.

(Casey is now actually a very talented director, who stands to be more embarrassed than the rest of us by this. Sorry, Casey. Shouldn't've put it online, fucker.)

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