Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Uncanny Valley of Popcorn

No doubt meant to instill us with a sense of wistful nostalgia, the digitally-resurrected Orville Redenbacher instead fills us with a sense of dread, compounded by the fact that he is clearly listening to The Geto Boys' "Still" on his iPod.

The office workers gather in disbelieving horror, gaping at the popcorn-shilling lich, fully aware that seconds after the camera turns off, he is going to disembowel and devour them all. They have no hope of escape, and can only hope for a few morsels of sweet, salty popped corn before they are slaughtered. They will be denied, and the last thing they will hear is his terrifying laughter ringing in their ears... and screaming. Such ungodly screaming.

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